Graceful Exits

There will be times that you’ll have to do early quit time not only at work but also in after work socials. Reasons may vary, from having to go to another function, an emergency at home, or worse, escaping a situation gone awry.

So, how do you make a graceful exits? The best thing to do is leave. Give an excuse they won’t remember it anyway. What’s important is that you leave and never put yourself in a compromising situation. Say thank you to everyone for the wonderful night. Be polite, no matter how out of control things have become.

After work gimik is fun when our colleagues have already become our friends. We can relax and just be ourselves. But what if we’re new to the company, or if the big boss suddenly wants to tag along? The night out then becomes another exercise in professionalism, and in as much as you’re allowed to have fun, you also have to be aware of the messages you will be sending to your colleagues, clients, or superiors. Here are some guidelines;

Always show up – it’s a first step. Make an effort to get involved in casual conversation. This indicates that you have an interest in your colleagues and have something in common with them.

Stay away from controversial topics these includes politics, religion, personal money matters, and sex related topics. Be friendly and open but try not to cross the line between openness and personal space.

Be careful about giving gifts, giving gifts is not expected, unless there really is an occasion (a birthday perhaps) and you are close to the celebrant. Otherwise, it may be misinterpreted as a bribe.

Be pleasant and friendly Smile say good evening to each person that you meet, no matter what kind of position she holds in your company.

Pay for your own food it’s only decent that you pay for what you’ve consumed.

Keep in mind the nature of the gathering this is the most especially true for spur of the moment types after work gatherings

Changing your look to be noticed at work need not be an expensive endeavor. We sometimes need a change – a revamp in our looks. You already have what it takes, you just need a little help in maximizing your assets.

Make yourself more visible. Get noticed by your boss, your clients, and by the people in your industry. Become a regular customer at the restaurant where you have your business lunches. Develop your network of contacts by attending industry events. Get your name on the mailing list of organizers so you can be invited to these events. Develop a referral system so you can refer people or have them drop your name at these organizations or events. You can also involve yourself in local charities and community activities so you can meet prospective contacts and at the same time make yourself an asset.

Spice up your wardrobe. Two outfits are all you need to get noticed. One should be in a dark mutual color. A black dress can take you anywhere. Pick a classic tailored that can take you from a luncheon meeting to cocktail party with style, just dress it up or down with accessories.

The other must have in your wardrobe would be in colorful and fun dress for casual lunches and weekend events.

And don’t forget to pull your outfit together with the right posture that signals confidence and attitude: stand up straight, roll your shoulders back, stick your chest out a little bit and tuck your hips under.

It's not easy being a mom. But somehow, we should be thankful for the things that make our lives easier when it comes to managing the household. Just like electricity. Electricity plays a very vital role in our daily lives. It provides us with the convenience to perform our daily duties both as wife and/or mother. But even if electricity provides us with ease at home and at work, it can also bring us harm. To ensure safety, especially for our loved ones, here are some safety tips you can observe:

- Always remove the plug of an appliance from the electric outlet when it is not in use.
- Do not allow children to play with extension cords, switches, plugs and other electrical wires.
- Always keep an eye on children when an electric appliance is being used.
- To prevent a short circuit, never install extension cords with nails or staples.
- Do not hide extension cords under rugs or furniture.
- Do not overload an extension cord.
- Never put a knife, scissors or any sharp tool near an appliance cord.
- As much as possible, never use any electrical appliance or device near a bathtub or a sink.
- Do not touch anything that runs on electricity when your hands are wet.
- Stay away from water during a thunderstorm since it is a good conductor of electricity.

Coconut is a simple dry nut known as a fibrous drupe. And lots of uses and benefits that you can get from tree to roots. Coconuts have a bad reputation in other part of the world. That’s because the meat of this fruit is composed of 90% of saturated fat. That sounds unhealthy right? But the science has a different story. Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and that it kills germ. The primary saturated fat in coconut meat cream and oil is lauric acid which lowers markers of heart disease rich by improving your ratio of total cholesterol to good HPL cholesterol, reports scientist in Netherland. Like olive oil and butter, coconut oil is ideal for cooking because heat doesn’t cause its fats to oxidize a reaction that can create unhealthy free radicals. Most of the saturated fats in coconut are “medium chain” fatty acids these fats are preferentially burn for energy, instead of stored as belly fat. Coconut oil has also antimicrobial properties which may help fight off infections and pathogens, according to recent study from Nigeria.

Fresh coconut water, which is found in young green coconut, contains potassium, sodium and glucose and is very palatable. In fact scientist in Malaysia concluded that it’s an ideal beverage for rehydrating after exercise.

Sleeping is the best rest ever but how can you enjoy your sleeping time if you hard to get it especially to those working people like me. I have some simple delicacies that can help you to sweeten your sleep without gaining pounds.








It’s time to have a light snack or a quick sip on these simple remedies. Be sure to have these at least 2 hours before your sleeping time. Fancy some tea? There is no specific proof yet to back it but chamomile tea is believed to be relaxing and soothing drink that may put some people to sleep. But if your prefer something else you might want to try dairy products like milk and foods like bananas and peanuts. Which are good source of TRYPTOPHAN. Tryptophan is an amino acid that your body converts to melatonin and serotonin two things that help you induce sleep.